Anonymous Contact consists of iPhone photograms made out of collected sexts and nude imagery posted on public blogs. By repurposing and appropriating them as photograms on darkroom paper, I aim to create a specialized permanence that archives the alluring and captures the excessive.

With these images I do not mean to shame the people who willingly post/send such images, but show how it is normal; that sexuality is normal, constant, and sort of boring after repeated viewing.

These images utilize the depth of the internet’s void. Of black holes and hyperlinks there is a lack of privacy and a touch of immediate intimacy.

For Your Eyes Only is the name of my zine which collects together the images from my series Anonymous Contact. The zine features xeroxes of the following uncensored screen captured sexts.

Copies could be purchased at Crushed: Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair

And online at Wilt Press!

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